Karen Polack was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1973. Karen works predominantly in themedium of painting, but includes creative items / designs of various materials. She is agraduate of the Nova Southeastern University with a Degree in Business and Professional Management with over 15 years of Human Resource and Administrative experience under her belt.

Although a self-taught artist Karen has natural artistic talents which she always knew. Many livingroom walls and hallways of friends, family and her home had murals created and painted by her. In addition, she is the official “Family Decorator” for many Weddings, Birthday parties and events.

She has 2 children and presently resides in the beautiful island of Jamaica. Karen’s artistic works are “unusually creative” and she is passionately committed to daydreaming ; always seeing art into everything around her.
Her character is that of a free-spirited human who finds cheer in all situations. She says it’s the laughing that keeps her young.